Background Check

The background investigation is mainly about finding out information about a person’s past. For example, before an employer hires a certain staff, he may want to know the person’ s past like whether he is a criminal or not, bankrupt or not. This is especially the case when it comes to dealing with critical information that is of utter confidentiality and integrity. For instance, banks cannot hire a person with a criminal background such as theft to handle their cash. This is a very big risk thus it is of great value in finding out who they are before giving them the job.


The need for background investigations has never been higher. One of the pitfalls of a free market economy is that it seems to produce a lot of con-artists who know what to say and how to present themselves in a “trustworthy” way. These con-artists have fooled even the most astute investors and business owners. They appear in many forms; sometimes as prospective employees, as credible business professionals, and sometimes they are even referred to us by trustworthy friends.

Before hiring anyone, investing with someone or engaging in a joint venture or corporate acquisition, we recommend that background be conducted at the beginning of the relationship and before investing financially with someone who turns out to be ‘someone else’. A background check performed by a licensed private investigator can save you an enormous amount of stress and money in the long run.