Cheating Spouse Investigation

There are many different phrases that are used by people to describe our services relating to a cheating spouse investigation. Some clients refer to it as their husband having an affair or their wife having an affair. Other clients refer to it as a “domestic issue”. Some of our clients have a difficult time even saying the words and simply mentioned marriage problems as opposed to marriage infidelity investigator.

We understand how difficult it is for some people to talk about a cheating spouse investigation. As a private investigator who specializes in catching a cheater in an extra-marital affair, we have had countless talks with customers on the subject of infidelity investigations. It has been our experience that regardless of what you call it, one thing is important when it comes to infidelity investigations and that is the need to know for sure!!

Our Private Investigators can deal with Cheating spouse cases in Kenya successfully. Being familiar with crossing the border, the hotels, beaches and corporate areas increases the likelihood of producing good results in Kenya. Using a local investigation company with multiple investigators residing throughout the county enables the investigators to respond on short notice and be in position quickly. We can also “spot-check” the subject and perform unscheduled brief drive-by surveillance checks without notice.

We provide our customers with the cell phone numbers of the local field investigator working with their assignment so frequent, real-time updates are available. We understand that the specific circumstances and objectives of each spousal investigation are unique. Our investigators are experienced professionals who know how to meet the specific objectives of each assignment.

Our rates are fair and reasonable and the client is made aware of exactly how much time has been put into the assignment as the case progresses.