Forensic Investigation

Our term is used for nearly all investigations, ranging from cases of financial fraud to murder. When most people think about forensics, they think about crime scene investigation, in which physical evidence is gathered. There are other forms of forensic investigation, however, such as computer forensics and sub-fields that focus on dentistry or insects and crime scenes.

Eagle Eye Results has a team of forensic investigators that have gained invaluable experience, both in the police services as well as in the private sector, that can manage and lead forensic investigations.

Our team of investigators has all-around knowledge, understanding, and skill in the manner in which a case is approached, how evidence is obtained, the docket compiled and presented before a court or tribunal and how the evidence is led. All of these factors contribute to the success of this team.

The success of our team of investigators and our clients’ satisfaction stems from having a clear understanding of the clients’ desired results and recognizing that different circumstances require different solutions.